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Engine Remapping

What is an ECU?

A vehicles brain is the ECU (engine control unit) this tells the vehicle what to do at any given time and condition from various inputs and sensors on the engine. From the factory the manufacturers must make compromises to allow for everywhere that vehicle will be sold, meaning, varying climates, fuel qualities, laws, and warranties, for this reason there is often a lot of leeway in both performance and economy to be had.
This process is classically referred to as "chip tuning", as on older vehicles to perform this process it was necessary to physically install a new chip into the ECU in order to make any changes.
By varying the parameters on the ECU it can increase both performance and or economy, thus optimizing the vehicles potential. See below for the typical gains for your type of vehicle.

Is it safe

A remap is completely safe providing it is performed by the correct people who have a strong understanding of vehicle workings and limitations. At TK Automotive we optimize the operating conditions for your vehicle and not beyond them. Each vehicle has varying limits, which is why it is important to ensure the vehicle is in good condition before a remap is carried out. Any existing defects would just be highlighted or exasperated with the increased power and torque provided with a remap.

Do I need to notify my insurance- We advise all our customers that it is their responsibility to notify their respective insurance companies, as it is technically a vehicle modification.

What will it do to my fuel consumption?

It is a common misconception that fuel economy will suffer greatly after having a remap carried out. This simply is not true. Depending on the type of vehicle will depend on what gains in mpg are possible, but It is all dependant on the driver and whether they take advantage of these gains. The fuel saving comes from an increase in low/ mid torque that a remap can provide. In real world terms the vehicle will have a greater pull at lighter throttle input.
Why Do I want a remap?- This is only a question you can answer, Each individual is different. Some strive for maximum power, other for maximum fuel efficiency, others just want a smoother drive with less gear changes. A remap can be tailored to suit your requirements but typically from a drivers perspective, a remap offers a sharper throttle response, better drivability, greater power and torque and a reduction in fuel consumption.

Another company says they can get more BHP than you at half the cost.

Power claims are just that, more often than not they power output won't be any greater than we can offer, but hey numbers sell I suppose. We try to offer a fair and reliable service. We have set our pricing at a fair market level, even considered by some respected professionals to be on the low side. Whilst you can often push more bhp through many vehicles you often sacrifice reliability and you operate beyond the mechanical parts threshold. Our remaps are designed to work with the vehicle in question, this ensures that we never push beyond any mechanical limitations.

There are so many different vehicles and questions it is impossible to answer them all here. I always encourage a face to face conversation to answer any questions, especially if the vehicle is modified from its original factory configuration.
A diagnostics test, and a brief vehicle inspection is carried out prior to any remapping, this ensures that the vehicle is in a suitable condition to have the work carried out. We always advise customers to maintain their vehicles well regardless of their orientation.
It is not jus about that peak BHP number, This alone does not tell the story of how a remap can improve your vehicle. Often peak hp is high in the rev range, even a spirited fast road car will spend most of its time at low and mid rpms. Concentrating on this area can greatly improve overall drivability but you get none of this information from a peak hp number.